Thursday, August 26, 2010

Takin' It To The Airwaves

Living near Woodstock affords me the chance to meet some colorful people. There's an intense, gifted and beautiful artist there named Christina Varga. Her shop is the Varga Gallery where she displays her original creations and affords other artists the chance to have showings. She also stages community events like the Woodstock World Peace Project which I was honored to perform at last weekend on a very hot afternoon in Woodstock.

She also hosts a weekly Wednesday night TV show called "Apocalypse Varga" which airs live on Woodstock Cable TV and streams live around the world on the internet. Last night I did my second show with her and with another brilliant and charming artist named Chloe' Valentine. Chloe' co-hosts the show and books all the guests.

I played around four songs but mostly we talked about world events. Everything from 9/11 to New Orleans and what it means today to call yourself "patriotic." We also put in a plug for this blog and the accompanying Myspace page I've set up to help promote my album project. I'm grateful she gave me the chance to do that.

The music site ( has five home demos which will be on the album I'm trying to get done. Now people can go and hear these songs in their rough form and get a better sense of my music. I'm hoping it will enlist some support.

Before I did the TV show at ten, I stopped by Harmony Cafe in Woodstock which is now the reincarnated Alchemy of old. It was great to see Nick Martin who now hosts it every week. I also got to see my dear friend Marilyn Kirby. Marilyn is a crazy-talented performing songwriter and I think the world of her. I did two songs for a good-sized crowd but had to leave before her set to drive a few blocks away for the Apocalypse Varga show.  It was a good night for music and good to be back in Woodstock.

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