Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paying The Piper

I've been getting a clearer picture about what this album is going to cost. For 12 songs, from when we step into the studio for the first session till the UPS truck pulls up my drive with a box of 1,000 poly-wrapped CD's, we're looking at around $6,000. Soup to nuts.

Yesterday I made a submission to Kickstarter. This is an online funding platform which allows artists of all stripes and genres to seek project financing from fans and friends by offering goods in return.

A signed CD. A private dinner. A live House Concert. You name it. At first I was taken aback by the notion of passing a hat so to speak, but many, many artists have achieved their goals and allowed many others to be involved and support the arts in this way.

Kickstarter sets a time frame, a date this predetermined goal must be met, and it's all or nothing. Meaning, if you don't raise ALL the money all bets are off. The artist doesn't get to use ANY of it.

So I'm going to give this a good deal of thought. Try and communicate my vision of the work the best way I can. To start, I've already set up a Myspace site where people can go and listen to demo's of the songs that will be produced in the studio for the album. I did these demos right here in my home. They're rough, but hopefully will convey the style and feel of the songs. The songs stand alone in this exposed way or they don't.

So, I'm awaiting a reply from the folks at Kickstarter.

This is going to be interesting!


  1. Yes, it will! But I believe you can achieve your goal with the help of your friends. They know talent when they see and hear it.


  2. Claudia's right. I saw and heard that talent some time ago. And so did many other people. We believe in you tall one. your pal, Dave